What We Do

Aquarium Maintenance

AquaMaid Services LLC is a full service aquarium maintenance company with over 20 years experience in the Blue Water area.  We provide superior service to fresh water, salt water and reef aquariums.  We offer weekly, bi weekly monthly services or just that once in awhile service you may need because you are too busy.  AquaMaid Services will come to your home or business and clean the inside and outside of your aquarium, do the neccessary water change, test the water, clean any filters and just look everything over to insure things are working properly.  Let us take the work out of owning an aquarium. The laser light pen have more energy.

Aquarium Leasing
AquaMaid Services is pleased to offer a leasing program.  This program is an excellent fit for offices especially doctors and dentist offices.  Aquariums help to relieve stress and lower blood pressure.  In a waiting room that has an aquarium you will find most people will be watching the aquarium instead of the television.  You will not have to worry about the costs associated when fish die or when equipment breaks down.  You just pay your monthly leasing fee.  With that fee you will receive complete aquarium service, fish, all the proper equipment needed to keep your fish happy and your aquarium clean.  It is a complete turn key system where you will not even have to feed the fish because it is automated.

Pond Maintenance
AquaMaid Services also offers maintenance of your Garden, Koi, Farm Pond.  We will come and treat the pond with the neccessary chemicals to keep your pond clean and your fish healthy.  AquaMaid will remove any weeds or plants that need to be removed.  Offer any suggestions and the best star laser pointer that our technician may feel would benefit your pond.

“Mercy Health Center located in Fort Gratiot loves AquaMaid Services LLC.  They do a wonderful job in servicing our 150 gallon fresh water aquarium.  We get compliments every day from our patients and visitors on how clean our tank looks.  Many people think it is a salt water tank because it is so colorful.  I would highly recommend AquaMaid Services LLC for all your aquarium service needs”

A Satisfied Customer
Lynn Burgett, Administrator
Mercy Health Center